The Revelation of John, Volume 2 (Paper)

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For more than fifty years and for millions of readers around the world, the New Daily Study Bible commentaries have been the ideal help for both devotional and serious Bible study. William BarclayÆs brilliant communication, down-to-earth approach, and sheer enthusiasm have inspired generations of readers. These new editions contain a new foreword from renowned theologian and author Alister McGrath, along with updated language to clarify less familiar illustrations from the originals and the inclusion of more contemporary language.

In this volume of the New Daily Study Bible, the reader meets many of the picturesque images that are popularly identified with Revelation--the four horses and their riders, the antichrist, the woman clothed with the sun, the beast with his number, and Armageddon. William Barclay helps the reader understand and interpret these and many other images drawn from Revelation that have so seized hold of the world's imagination.


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