No One Else like You (Book)

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  • 9/8/2017
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There are so many people in the world. Over seven billion! They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are happy, and some are grumpy. Some live in tall towers in the city, while others live in cottages in the field. Some like to read, and some like to sing. And yet, even with so many people in this world, there is no one quite like you!

Ideal for children ages 4-8.

No One Else like You written by Siska Goeminne and illustrated by Merel Eyckerman, doesn’t follow a character, but approaches diversity from a distance. “In this world there are more than seven billion people,” it begins, then explores the many things those people do. Some work, some drive around. Some have tattoos. Some people are happy and some people are sad. People believe all kinds of things and practice all forms of religion. Everyone is different. Those differences, however, are what ultimately unite us: We’re all different, and that’s what we all have in common. The illustrations do a nice job of conveying the great diversity of people in the world. —The New York Times

“A joyous and realistic commemoration of the strengths and weaknesses of the human race…children will enjoy exploring the multifaceted illustrated examples within the intricate scenes.” —Kirkus Reviews



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