Where Are You Hiding, God? (Book)

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  • 10/30/2017
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Where are you hiding, God? In the dresser between my pants and socks? In the bathtub under my little rubber duck? In the grass next to the flowers and the dragonflies?

This colorful picture book tells the story of a little girl trying to find God. She searches in the house, in the bathroom, and in the garden, without any luck. But just as she gives up hope, she finds God.

With beautiful illustrations that offer a treasure trove for exploring, recognizing, and naming, this touching story shows children that God is always with them. Ideal for children ages 3 and older.

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"Swirls and whorls of dreamy, windswept artwork in soothing shades enhance the simple, reflective message as the girl realizes that, while she may not be able to see God underneath her socks, she can always feel God’s presence wherever she may be." —Foreword Reviews 

Where Are You Hiding, God? is a 2017 Spirituality & Practice Award Winner!

Where Are You Hiding God_excerpt
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