Making Faithful Decisions at the End of Life (Paper)

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By exploring the ethics of resisting and accepting death from a Christian perspective, Nancy Duff encourages Christians to talk about death in the context of Christian faith. Making Faithful Decisions at the End of Life helps readers use biblical and theological perspectives regarding death to inform end-of-life decisions, consider where they stand on withdrawing life support and supporting death with dignity laws, and take steps in planning for their own future.


"At every turn Duff's considerable acumen as a theological ethicist shines light on the guidance she extends to her readers. Each word she writes is an extension of her passionate commitment to the truth that human beings belong to God 'in life and in death'...I recommend it to people of all faiths, particularly to pastors, elders, and deacons who visit with people who are dying and who are committed to helping others live faithfully until life in this world comes to an end."
Windows, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

<p>&ldquo;What is remarkable about this book is the range of end-of-life issues that Nancy Duff addresses with lucidity and wisdom. From crucial theological affirmations about life and death, to the debates over death with dignity and physician-assisted death, to the pastoral and ethical practicalities of advance directives, funerals, and grief, Nancy Duff does not shy away from the hard questions and the urgent realities. I cannot imagine a book more fitting, informative, and helpful for the seminary classroom, the adult study group, the pastor&rsquo;s desk, and anywhere else people of faith seek clarity about choices and convictions at life&rsquo;s outer edge.&rdquo; <br /> &mdash;Thomas G. Long, Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Candler School of Theology, Emory University</p>


<p>&ldquo;Professor Duff&rsquo;s book is a rare example of mastery of Christian medical ethics combined with a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of clinical end-of-life complexities. It&rsquo;s a strong recommendation for ethicists in training as well as seasoned professionals.&rdquo;<br /> &mdash;Gabriel Smolarz, MD MSB, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, New Jersey&nbsp;</p>


<p>&ldquo;Karl Barth said to a gathering of ministers in 1922, &lsquo;It is evident that [people] do not need us to help them live, but seem rather to need us to help them die; for their whole life is lived in the shadow of death.&rsquo; Every page of <

"An erudite and impressively informative read, Making Faithful Decisions at the End of Life is an especially recommended addition to church, seminary, and community library collections." —Midwest Book Review 

"It is important for Christians to have the language of their faith to speak about death and dying, including thorny issues of end-of-life support, living wills, death with dignity laws and more. Pastors who want to help their congregations should have this book on hand." —<>em>Presbyterian Outlook

"In just 134 pages, [Making Faithful Decisions at the End of Life] covers almost every imaginable subject related to preparing for the end of life. It is clear, well organized and, in terms of Christian theology, spiritually solid. If I were a Christian pastor, I would make sure that every family in my congregation had this book—and read it." —Bill Tammeus, Faith Matters 

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