Pro-Choice and Christian (Paper)

Reconciling Faith, Politics, and Justice

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Despite the claim by many Christian leaders that the pro- life/antiabortion position is the only faithful response to the debate about reproductive rights, many people of faith find themselves in a murky middle of this supposedly black-and-white issue. Christians who are pro-abortion rights are rarely pro-abortion. However, they view the decision to carry a pregnancy to term as one to be made by the woman, her medical team, her family, or personal counsel rather than by politicians.

Pro-Choice and Christian explores the biblical, theological, political, and medical aspects of the debate in order to provide a thoughtful Christian argument for a pro-choice position with regard to abortion issues. Kira Schlesinger considers relevant Scriptures, the politics of abortion in the United States, and the human realities making abortion a vital issue of justice and compassion. By examining choice from a Christian perspective, Schlesinger provides a common vocabulary for discussing faith and reproductive rights.


"Schlesinger invites us to look at the term pro-choice in the wider theological framework of a pro-life ethic encompassing all creation. In this framework we recognize that God is a God of life, but that God desires for all creation life that is full and flourishing, more than mere existence. Within this ethic, we can name the inherently tragic nature of abortion, and also name how we fail to create a society that welcomes and cares for children once they are born." —Presbyterian Outlook

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