50 Ways to Help Save the Earth, Revised Edition (Paper)

How You and Your Church Can Make a Difference

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  • Paper
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  • 6/2/2016
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Rebecca Barnes outlines fifty ways in which you, your congregation, and your local community can help fight global warming and enjoy participation in a vital part of Christian discipleship.In 50 Ways to Help Save the Earth, Revised Edition,she makes a clear connection, in a practical and unintimidating way, between stewardship of the earth and living one's faith.

This easy-to-follow book consists of seven chapters on topics related to global climate change: "Energy," "Food and Agriculture," "Transportation," "Water," "People," "Other Species," and "Wilderness and Land." Each chapter begins with a statement on how the content relates to global warming, followed by action items ranging from individual efforts to activities that encourage the involvement of the congregation and wider communities.


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