To Pray God's Will (Paper)

Continuing the Journey

  • 9780664240851
  • 5x8
  • 136
  • 31.25
  • Paper
  • 0664240852
  • 11/1/1987
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Looking upon Christian life as a spiritual journey, Ben Campbell Johnson discusses the importance of prayer for those who want to continue their progress toward God. He shows that the life of prayer involves all the human faculties--reason, imagination, emotion, and will. As ways of deepening knowledge and love of God, he considers meditation and contemplation and gives helpful suggestions for their practice. He shows how a deeper awareness of God has social implications and leads to a vision of a transformed world. Johnson discusses his own need for a guide on the spiritual journey, illustrating how such a companion can help others. He emphasizes the importance of keeping a journal and gives practical help in getting started with it.


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