Reading John for Dear Life (Paper)

A Spiritual Walk with the Fourth Gospel

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  • 11/18/2016
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Jaime Clark-Soles takes readers on a dynamic journey deep into the heart of John in this lively reading of the Fourth Gospel. This book is not simply a commentary but a spiritual companion to be read alongside the Bible. Clark-Soles provides important historical and literary insights while illuminating the dramatic characters in John and emphasizing the Gospel's unique themes and symbols. Her engaging writing style will generate enthusiasm and investment in John's message. Readers will also appreciate the addition of prayers as well as questions for individual study and/or group discussion. This excellent guide will enrich our spiritual journeys while opening ourselves up to Jesus through the words, stories, questions, symbols, and characters we encounter in John's Gospel.


"If the Gospel of John was written not simply to inform but to transform, this spiritual walk into the Fourth Gospel would lead the reader into a life-changing encounter with the subject's narrative: Jesus. By elucidating central figures in dialogue with Jesus, this book by Jaime Clark-Soles invites readers into the same. Other treatments of John will be informative, but this book could be transformative if read thoughtfully and meaningfully. A rare treat among serious biblical studies texts!"
—Paul N. Anderson, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies, George Fox University, and Visiting Griset Chair of Bible and Christian Tradition, Chapman University

"Jaime Clark-Soles's Reading John for Dear Life narrates a journey that is fresh, questing, passionate, insightful, authentic, accessible, and concerned with the intersections of scriptural text and contemporary life. Get on up and set out on the journey with her—for dear life."
—Warren Carter, Professor of New Testament, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University

"Bravo! Here is a fresh and lively reading of John. Something of the author's own delight and faith creates an intimate insight into this Gospel. Fine scholarship and joy come together as we meet the characters who were friends of Jesus and have become friends to Jaime Clark-Soles. Through their experience we also meet Jesus, who invites us into his friendship."
—Mary L. Coloe, PBVM, Associate Professor, Yarra Theological Union, Australia

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