What Christians Can Learn from Other Religions (Paper)

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  • 3/31/2014
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Examining other religions provides Christians the opportunity to more deeply understand their own beliefs. Learning about other religions is not the same as learning from other religions, which can have great value to Christians who wish to strengthen their faith.

In this book's ten easy-to-read chapters, Wogaman shows readers what Christians can learn from different religions, such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and even from atheism. From these religions, Christians can achieve insight into love, sin, ritual, the importance of myth to convey truth, the foundational roots of Christianity, the dark side of Christian history, and many other important ways to see and interpret the world and to understand God. The book concludes with a chapter on what other religions can learn from Christianity.

Perfect for church study groups, each chapter ends with questions for discussion.


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