New Meanings for Ancient Texts (Paper)

Recent Approaches to Biblical Criticisms and Their Applications

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"As . . . newer approaches [to biblical criticism] become more established and influential, it is essential that students and other serious readers of the Bible be exposed to them and become familiar with them. That is the main impetus behind the present volume, which is offered as a textbook for those who wish to go further than the approaches covered in To Each Its Own Meaning by exploring more recent or experimental ways of reading."
—from the introduction

This book is a supplement and sequel to To Each Its Own Meaning, edited by Steven L. McKenzie and Stephen R. Haynes, which introduced the reader to the most important methods of biblical criticism and remains a widely used classroom textbook. This new volume explores recent developments in, and approaches to, biblical criticism since 1999. Leading contributors define and describe their approach for non-specialist readers, using examples from the Old and New Testament to help illustrate their discussion. Topics include cultural criticism, disability studies, queer criticism, postmodernism, ecological criticism, new historicism, popular culture, postcolonial criticism, and psychological criticism. Each section includes a list of key terms and definitions and suggestions for further reading.

Contributors: Timothy Beal, Warren Carter, Norman C. Habel, Gina Hens-Piazza, Nyasha Junior, D. Andrew Kille, Hugh S. Pyper, Linda S. Schearing, Jeremy Schipper, Ken Stone, and Valarie H. Ziegler.

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