The Lord's Prayer (Hardback)

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C. Clifton Black provides a thorough analysis of the most famous prayer in the Christian church, the Lord’s Prayer. He begins with an impressionist painting of how the ancients prayed during Jesus’ time in order to set the context for understanding the prayer he taught his disciples. Throughout the book, Black systematically interprets the rich meanings of each part of the Lord’s prayer. Additionally, he includes an overview of Christian thought on the Lord’s Prayer from early church mothers and fathers like Tertullian and Teresa of Avila to modern theologians like Karl Barth. Uniquely, this book is an academic study of the Lord’s Prayer with a focus on the rhetorical culture from which it developed as well as the theological, literary, and historical meanings of the prayer itself.


 “Clifton Black has long been regarded as one of our most sensitive and insightful readers of Scripture. Now Professor Black joins Jesus in teaching us how to pray in the name of Jesus. This is a beautiful, encouraging book that pastors and congregations will find quite useful in deepening their prayer life.”—Will Willimon, United Methodist Bishop (retired), Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School, and author of How Odd of God: Chosen for the Curious Vocation of Preaching

“Clifton Black spreads a feast of learning and thought in this splendid volume on the Lord’s Prayer. In addition to a rich analysis of the prayer itself in the context of the Gospels and ancient culture, he shows its theological depth and its ecumenical possibilities. As lagniappe, he provides a glimpse of the history of the interpretation of Jesus’s prayer. A book valuable both to scholars and pastors.”—Luke Timothy Johnson, Robert W. Woodruff Professor Emeritus of New Testament and Christian Origins, Emory University

“The words are as familiar as any in the language, prayed every day for two thousand years, in gorgeous liturgy, uttered by frightened men and women facing danger, offered at weddings and funerals and by the bedsides of seriously ill patients, whispered before sleep, and commented on by biblical scholars and theologians in every age. Clifton Black has written a consummate and comprehensive, scholarly but accessible book, helpfully placing the prayer in the context of the Greco-Roman world and the spiritual traditions of first-century Judaism. If you have only one book on the Lord’s Prayer, this should be it—an invaluable resource for thoughtful readers, seekers, and preachers and teachers alike.”—John M. Buchanan Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, and former Editor/Publisher, the Christian Century.

“The Lord’s Prayer is Christ’s precious gift to the church and world. Wisely, Clifton Black has been entrusted to guide us through it. The Prayer could not be in bett

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