Resistance (Paper)

The New Role of Progressive Christians

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  • 9/2/2008
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Convinced that several crucial historical trends are moving in the wrong direction, John Cobb Jr. and his coauthors urge Christians to live in countercultural ways--as individuals and as communities. Consumerism, inequality, imperialism, and global warming, they contend, are of such magnitude that the only real response for progressive Christians is to actively resist them.

This book explores how the word of God calls Christians to resist the world's dominant forces and reflect on how prayer can provide the conviction and commitment necessary for sustaining such a life. It examines particular destructive forces, showing how these trends attained dominance and analyzing their effects and explores two theological movements that have stressed the need for resistance: Latin American liberation theology and feminist theology. Finally, it gives specific examples of how individuals and churches can live in countercultural ways.


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