The Wounding and Healing of Desire (Paper)

Weaving Heaven and Earth

  • 9780664229764
  • 6 x 9
  • 208
  • 62.50
  • Paper
  • 066422976X
  • 10/3/2005
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Using refreshingly unconventional prose, rising theologian Wendy Farley has written a theological account of the human condition that delves into the deepest dimensions of the soul. Considering human life from the perspective of the wounding and healing of desire, with desire being that within us which longs for connection, home, and beauty, Farley presents a passionate, moving account of the human condition that draws strongly upon the Christian meditative and mystical spiritual traditions. In doing so, Farley shifts the traditional images of sin and redemption into images of healing and power. The result is a theological memoir that reaches into the human depths and draws forth a response of the soul--in courage, compassion, and delight.


Christian Century (Dec. 13, 2005) From CC Recommends "[A]n elegantly woven and poignantly written account of the wounding and healing of longing."
The Presbyterian Outlook (May 8, 2006) "[A] treasure trove of wonderful images that bring into focus possibilities for practice and proclamation that can make churches more healing and transforming places in our broken world. Farley's work is a gift to theologians, pastors, preachers, teachers, believers, seekers, and quite simply to humanity in general." --Marcia Mount Shoop, associate pastor for education, First Church in Oakland, California
Christian Century (May 30, 2006) "[T]his book gives an account of humanity's deep woundedness and its capacity for deep healing. The book's vivid style and lush imagery are reminiscent of Showings, by Julian of Norwich." --Amy Plantiga Pauw
Insights (Spring 2006) "[Farley] has struck a resonant chord by accomplishing something not seen since Paul Tillich and Karl Rahner: Christian theology that employs broadly 'secular' language in communicating the depth of our brokenness and desire for healing." --David H. Jensen, Austin Seminary

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