Meditating on the Psalms (Paper)

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In this accessible and useful book, distinguished Old Testament scholar John Eaton presents his spiritual insights on fifty-two of the best-loved psalms. Informed by his pastoral concerns and his commitment to environmental issues, Eaton examines the authorship of the psalms and their use as poetry and songs, as well as in worship. He skillfully concludes each devotional commentary with a related prayer. This immensely helpful volume will enable readers to understand the importance of the psalms and their significance as a source of inspiration and meditation for daily living.


The Presbyterian Outlook (January 16, 2006) "Pastoral in tone, this volume will enrich one's devotional reading deeply." --Randy Harris, Book Review Editor
The Bible Today (Jan./Feb. 2006)
Review of Biblical Literature (07/2005) "Eaton has done believers a great favor with this booklet....Each page contains some or other interesting remark...or eloquent image that not only illustrates the religious vitality of these age-old songs and prayers but also helps to make their beauty even more accessible to modern-day worshipers." Phillippus J. Botha University of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa
Review of Biblical Literature (07/2005)

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