Jesus Christ in the Preaching of Calvin and Schleiermacher (Paper)

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  • 1/1/1996
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While the effects of historical criticism on theology in the modern period have been well documented, their implications for modern preaching have been largely ignored. Dawn DeVries examines the content of and reasoning behind the preaching on the Synoptic Gospels by John Calvin and Friedrich Schleiermacher in order to ascertain their responses to the historical Jesus. By doing so, DeVries demonstrates that the shifting of emphasis in modern preaching from the miraculous aspects of the Gospel narratives to the "internal" miracles of faith has historical, intellectual, and spiritual grounding in the work of these classical theologians.

The Columbia Series in Reformed Theology represents a joint commitment by Columbia Theological Seminary and Westminster John Knox Press to provide theological resources from the Reformed tradition for the church today. This series examines theological and ethical issues that confront church and society in our own particular time and place.


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