The Bible from Scratch (Paper)

The New Testament for Beginners

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  • 3/31/2003
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Well-known educator Don Griggs has written an accessible, easy-to-understand overview of the Bible for adults who have--or fear they have--little or no Bible knowledge. In two volumes, one each for the Old and New Testaments, Griggs guides us through the Bible and introduces basic tools and skills for Bible study.

Donald L. Griggs' popular volumes The Bible from Scratch: The Old Testament for Beginners and The Bible from Scratch: The New Testament for Beginners presented basic themes, histories, personalities, and meanings of the Bible. With this expansion of the series, Griggs offers the lay reader an opportunity to build on the foundation of that broad knowledge with a series of volumes based on the individual books of the Old and New Testaments. A leader's guide and participant section are included for each book, making each volume an excellent resource for group or individual study.


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