Preaching the Gospel of John (Paper)

Proclaiming the Living Word

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In this accessible treatment of the major themes of the Gospel of John, renowned New Testament scholar Lamar Williamson blends the best of biblical scholarship and a close reading of the Fourth Gospel to meet the practical needs of weekly preaching. A more reflective Gospel in which the risen Jesus speaks in signs and discourses, John does not simply tell stories, but allows us to experience the Word and to see Jesus offering living water to the aridity of the institutional church and bread to the hungry hearts of individual disciples. More than mere exposition, Preaching the Gospel of John includes at the end of each passage three to five possibilities for preaching the text--creative and pertinent suggestions that can help preachers apply the words of the Fourth Gospel to the lives of today's churchgoers. Proclaiming the living Word is a major theme of the Gospel of John, and this clear and insightful commentary captures that message in the preaching moment.


Homiletic (Vol. 30, No. 2, Winter 2005) --Mark A. Matson

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