Islam and Inter-Faith Relations: The Gerald Weisfeld Lectures 2006 (Paper)

The Gerald Weisfeld Lectures 2006

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  • 10/29/2007
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Islam and Inter-Faith Relations is an insightful inquiry into the relationship of Islam with the WorldÆs other religions. Both the current religious diversity and the historical relationships with the major religious traditions are examined here. áIn this succinct, clarifying volume, five world-renowned Muslim theologians meet with scholars of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism to engage in a vivid dialogue. The Muslim realm once stretched from Spain to China. Islam encountered and connected with a vast spectrum of different cultures and today is obviously an incredibly significant influence across the globe. What can Islam give to and what might Islam receive from other great faiths? What are the major points of conflict and how can these be resolved? áEach chapter follows a similar pattern of presenting an Islamic view, followed by the view of another world religion. Then both contributors to each chapter reflect on the shared values as well as the conflicting areas, looking to possible resolutions for the fut


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