The Spirituality of Nature (Paper)

  • 9781896836874
  • 8.5 x 9
  • 180
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  • Paper
  • 9781896836874
  • 1/1/2008
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For many, the words "spirituality" and "nature" are closely linked, if not synonymous. Nature can seem to be the manifestion of the spiritual in our lives. When we feel on edge or lonely or sad we often seek out a place where we can be close to living things. Nature provides a touchstone, a connection to the spiritual essence that lies in each of us. Nature is to be found everywhere. Yet we often overlook it, or fail to honour it. Throughout this beautifully-illustrated, full-color book, Jim Kalnin opens reader's eyes to the natural world. The book is full of fascinating tales that highlight the wonder and beauty of nature and the interconnectedness of all life. Kalnin spent his formative years first on the Canadian Shield and then on the Pacific coast. The untold hours he spent playing outside instilled in him a deep love and reverence for the natural world. Since then, he has traveled extensively and brings to the book personal stories that capture the spiritual in the everyday, wherever he happens to be. Whether he's hiking in the Arctic, or paddling down the Amazon in a dugout canoe, Jim discovers and tells of his sense of deep connection with the life of the planet a connection we all share but are in danger of losing to the civilizing forces of urbanization. His stories allow us to experience what living in nature might be like, and gently encourage us to explore our own connectedness and natural spirituality for ourselves. Beautiful and filled with a profound sense of awe and thankfulness for all that nature has to offer, The Spirituality of Nature will open the reader to creation with gentleness and humour.


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