The Voice of the Galilean (Paper)

The Story of a Life, a Journey, a Gift, and a Fate

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Rex Weyler’s Voice of the Galilean stands as one of the most clear, compelling, and concise tellings of the life and teachings of Jesus ever written. Excerpted and updated from his seminal book The Jesus Sayings: The Quest for His Authentic Message – a brilliant synthesis of the work of international Bible scholars and some 200 ancient sources –Voice of the Galilean distills the teachings of Jesus with crystal clarity, sensitivity, insight, and passion.

Equally important, Weyler challenges readers to bear “witness” to Jesus’ message today, in their own lives. “History is not on autopilot, but emerges as the summation of choices and actions performed by the living. ‘What will be will be’ is a proverb for laziness. ‘What will be’ is the result of the choices we make and the actions we take. How we act to our neighbour, our enemy, to the unfortunate, to the earth itself, measures our humanity. Jesus encouraged his audience to wake up. Jesus had faith in humanity, and this knowledge bolsters my faith in humanity. It may take a miracle, or a complete disaster, but perhaps humankind can rediscover simple living, common decency, everyday compassion and reverence for the earth.”


The Voice of the Galilean is part of the new Manifest Series

Manifest is a series of small books that address the important topics and issues of our time, written by activists, philosophers, seers, and poets. Intended as insight guides for those on journeys of discovery, hope, faith, resilience, and regeneration, they speak truth


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