Revelation for Progressive Christians (Paper)

A Seven Session Study Guide

  • 9781773431505
  • 43.75
  • Paper
  • 9781773431505
  • 6/15/2018
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Revelation is a powerful book that was written a long time ago to express a powerful message. Unfortunately, so many people have played with it and interpreted it and have found in it only the things they wanted to find, itÆs difficult to ôhearö the original intent through all the interpretation. Yet, when we set aside the nonsense and speculation, we find a story of GodÆs presence with a fractured and frightened community, which makes Revelation a perfect book to study in our own time and place. Revelationà for Progressive Christians is a seven-session study guide that invites readers to explore Revelation as a fun, hope-filled book that contains a lot of fanciful imagery and symbolic references, to be sure, but that at its core, offers words of assurance and hope to the church and its people today


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