Time (Paper)

From Famine to Feast

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  • 9781770648111
  • 1/4/2016
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Help! I just don't have enough time!

If this sounds like you, know that you are in good company. There is a time famine out there - a pervading sense that we have more to do than we can possible get done in the time we have - and most of us live with some version of it. The trick, of course, is to move from famine to feast, from a sense of not having enough time, to a sense of freedom, enjoyment, and fulfillmnent within the time we have.

In Time: From Famine to Feast, Donna Schaper offers encouragement and advice on how to leave the land of famine and find a seat at the feast. Discussing and then moving beyond the systemic sources of the time famine, Schaper's ultimate goal is to explore "the inner way, the way we have internalized the commandments of multiple systems and feel bad or wrong or in violation or out of compliance if we don't obey our orders to be busy, active, connected, overworked, and time famished."< /P>

This is a spiritual journey that will require us to be honest about just how starved we really are, as well as navigate our "work-family time dilemma," discern what "coheres" us, begin to use "spiritual technologies," and get comfortable with play. Of course, practice is required, so Schaper provides 52 of them - a "spiritual practice," in fact, for each week of a year designed to bring us to our place at the feast.


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