The Emerging Christian Way (Paper)

Thoughts, Stories, and Wisdom for a Faith of Transformation

  • 9781551455211
  • 6 x 9
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  • Paper
  • 978155145211
  • 1/1/2006
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The face of Christianity is changing. In recent years, and in rapidly increasing numbers, people have begun to understand the core message and purpose of Christianity differently. They have returned to its ancient roots and found a wisdom that speaks to their experience of faith and God. According to this emerging vision, Christianity is primarily about transformation - the transformation of the self through a living and dynamic experience of God, who is not separate from us, but a part of us; and the transformation of society. The Emerging Christian Way: Thoughts, Stories, and Wisdom for a Faith of Transformation is a collection of thirteen essays, by some of the leading authors and thinkers in the field, covering every aspect of this developing Christian paradigm. Contributors include Marcus Borg, Matthew Fox, Tom Harpur, Tim Scorer, Sallie McFague, Cynthia Bourgeault, Nancy Reeves, Don Grayston, the Very Rev. Bill Phipps, the Very Rev. Anne Squire, Mark Maclean, Bruce Harding, and Michael Schwartzentruber.


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