UnClobber (Paper)

Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality

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  • 9/28/2016
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Churches in America are experiencing an unprecedented fracturing due to their belief and attitude toward the LGBTQ community. Armed with only six passages in the Bible—often known as the "clobber passages"—the conservative Christian position has been one that stands against the full inclusion of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. UnClobber reexamines each of those frequently quoted passages of Scripture, alternating with author Colby Martin's own story of being fired from an evangelical megachurch when they discovered his stance on sexuality.

UnClobber reexamines what the Bible says (and does not say) about homosexuality in such a way that breathes fresh life into outdated and inaccurate assumptions and interpretations.


"Funny, smart, and brilliantly paced, Colby has written that book. The one you give your friend—the friend who knows that inclusion is the only path forward yet keeps getting told, `but the Bible says.' In his fresh and accessible way, Colby shows what the Bible actually says—clearing up all sorts of confusion along the way."
—Rob Bell, New York Times bestselling author of Love Wins

"Thousands of sincere Evangelical Christians feel a deep tension between their head and their heart. In their heads, they understand the Bible (and God) as the uncompromising enemy of LGBT people. In their hearts, if they have friends and family members who are LGBT, they find it hard to condemn or exclude them. Some people tell them to choose their heart over their head; others say the reverse. Colby Martin's highly readable and deeply engaging new book, UnClobber, offers a third option: a different way of aligning head and heart through a fresh look at Scripture. Written with a theologian's intelligence and a pastor's sensitivity, this book is the resource thousands have been waiting for."
—Brian D. McLaren, author/activist (brianmclaren.net)

"Colby takes a compassionate and scholarly look at the scriptures on same-sex relationships that so many Christians have camped on, and provides an accessible new framework that extends affirmation and inclusion to the LGBTQ community. UnClobber combines thoughtful-theological-study with a compelling-pastoral-memoir to create a powerful progressive Christian manifesto. This is a call for all Christians to love better and without condition."
—Kristen Howerton, Founder of Rage Against the Minivan

"I'm quite sure in the coming years people will say, 'UnClobber is the book I always wanted to write,' because it connects so deeply with their own experience. I really want to say that myself, but I know the deeper reality; UnClobber is the book I wish I could have written. This is a unique book, written by a special author. Colby's insight, winsome spirit, and passion have come together to create a book that I not only love, but am proud to share with those whom I love. UnClobber is a great gift for all who are seeking deeper understanding, faith, and compassion. And Colby Martin is a gift to all who are finding their way through the complex understandings of faith, Christianity, sexuality and understanding the Bible in our day."
—Doug Pagitt, Pastor, Author, and Goodness Conspirator

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