The Gospel of Mark-Enlarged (Paper)

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  • 7 x 10
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  • Paper
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  • 10/16/2015
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In his introduction to this volume, Dr. Barclay explains why the first three Gospels are called "synoptic," how they came to be written, and why many scholars believe that Mark was the first. Barclay's interpretation of the Gospel is full of wisdom, and it offers clear and captivating insight from beginning to end. Having picked up one section to study, the reader will find it difficult to stop reading until the whole volume is completed.

Now available in enlarged print editions are the New Daily Study Bible commentaries, the best-selling series for serious Bible study and devotional reading. Each volume provides clear explanations of Scripture passages with modern-day examples, allowing the reader to better understand and find meaning in the Scriptures today. The series helps individuals and groups live faithfully as their understanding of the Bible develops.


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