The Dead Sea Scrolls, Volume 7 (Hardback)

The Temple Scroll

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  • 8/16/2011
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Will Ship: August 16, 2011. The Temple Scroll is the longest manuscript found in the Qumran Caves and perhaps the most important halakhic composition known from the Second Temple Period. The scroll presents itself as a rewritten Torah, which begins with the renewal of the Sinaitic covenant and then turns to the building of the Temple. This volume of the Dead Sea Scrolls series brings together--for the first time--all of themanuscript witnesses to the Temple Scroll.

The Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project provides a major landmark in general access to these documents. It is the first serious attempt to provide accurate transcriptions and translations with critical commentary to all the nonbiblical scrolls found at Qumran.These are important reference books for specialized studies in biblical fields.


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