Sacraments and Worship

Sacraments and Worship

The Sources of Christian Theology

Author: Maxwell E. Johnson
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Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Pages: 442
Format: 6 x 9
Product Type: Paper
Publication Date: 2/16/2012
Retail Price: $40.00


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  • The church's development and use of sacraments has evolved in many ways from the days of the early church to the present. This sourcebook provides key theological texts that played a role in those movements. Johnson traces the history and theology of individual sacraments along with their liturgical context in the church's worship. He includes materials previously developed in James F. White's classic collection, Documents of Christian Worship: Descriptive and Interpretive Sources (Westminster John Knox Press, 1992), and supplements these to provide a wide range of indispensible materials. He also contributes helpful background notes to give the reader the full breadth and depth of the church's thought on these important topics. This book will be of great value to those studying the history of Christian worship and the development of the sacraments.

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