The Touch of Transcendence

The Touch of Transcendence

A Postcolonial Theology of God

Author: Mayra Rivera
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Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Pages: 200
Format: 6 x 9
Product Type: Paper
Publication Date: 9/14/2007
Retail Price: $25.00


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    How far away is God? How different is God from human beings? This is the theological question of transcendence, and theology has long struggled to find answers that affirm a human relationship with God. In this provocative new work, Mayra Rivera's answer is that God is not within human grasp but is always within human touch. With a strikingly relevant concept of God as transcendent within--transcendence different from the ideas of God as far away, as outside human life and experience, or as above the human plane of existence--Rivera concentrates on transcendence as a relationship and uses it to describe how humans can touch God. In doing so, she engages a number of theological movements, including liberation theology, Radical Orthodoxy, feminism, and postcolonialism.

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