The Westminster Handbook to Theologies of the Reformation

The Westminster Handbook to Theologies of the Reformation

Author: R. Ward Holder
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Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Pages: 240
Format: 6x9
Product Type: Paper
Publication Date: 10/18/2010
Retail Price: $35.00


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  • This unique handbook to Reformation theologies provides an accurate and easily grasped entry into the main terms and issues that made this period so important theologically. A variety of Reformation experts succinctly summarize the ideas that led to such explosive changes throughout Europe and the New World. No other volume provides such an easy entry into the key concepts that motivated the main streams of the Protestant Reformation- Lutheran, Reformed, and Anabaptist. This is a welcome addition to the Westminster Handbooks to Christian Theology series.

    The Westminster Handbook to Christian Theology series provides a set of resources for the study of historic and contemporary theological movements and Christian theologians. These books are intended to help students and scholars find concise and accurate treatments of important theological terms.

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